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Business mentoring that adapts to your specific needs and circumstances.

I am proud to provide

Hi. I'm Leah, and I am completely obsessed with seeing you win. You deserve to be supported and empowered. You deserve the business and life you dream of. With integrity, honesty, creativity, and burning passion for your success, I will meet you where you are and give you the individualized support that your brand needs right now. With 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship and a knack for innovation, design, and marketing, I am an open book. I want to give you the edge you need to absolutely crush your goals (or get clear on what those goals even are!).

Get your business on Google, build a website, build an email mailing list, recover your Facebook login, and other technical difficulties. Great for the tech challenged and those who just don't have time to troubleshoot.

Tech + Tools

On a phone or with my pro camera, we'll create videos, photos, and gifs to use for promotional material and social media content. I can do it for you, or I can teach you how to do it yourself!

video + Content creation

We will craft a marketing strategy to reach your customer. Whether you have a budget for marketing or not, I can show you ways to boost your SEO and show up in front of the people who want to spend their dollars with you.


You need to stand out to grow! Professional photos will give you the content and marketing materials you need to connect with your customer and raise your trust factors within your market. 

Pro Images

Overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Once I have a solid understanding of what your problems & goals are, I create you a roadmap. You will have a clear vision of what your priorities are.


People are 95% more likely to complete a goal when they know someone will be checking in with them. However you need support, I'm here to email, text, call you, or pop into your store to keep you on track.


Let's look at your numbers to make sure you are priced sustainably and profitably. I'm not an accountant, but I'll let you know when it's beyond my skillset, and I'll help you get your ducks in a row before reaching out to one.

Numbers + Data

Your industry expertise + my creativity = brilliant ideas. Whether you need a fresh perspective on what you already offer, ideas for additional revenue, or want to start something entirely new, I've got you.

Fresh ideas

The most common support I provide is...

Social Media

One size does not fit all! What works for someone else might not work for you (or even be sustainable!). I will help you sift through the myths and algorithm struggles that is social media and create a strategy that is actually doable and keeps you fresh in the minds of your patrons.

Confidence + 

I believe in you! Honestly, I already know you have what it takes, because you wouldn't be here if you didn't. I will sit with you through the hard stuff, help you dust yourself off, and give you the boost of confidence you need to face whatever is holding you back!

Ethics + Sustainability

Radical liberation is at the core of my values as a human and a business owner. My lived experience, more than a decade of research, my heart for justice, and connections to the social justice world can help inform you to create a business that aligns with your values and supports your community.

Website & Social media Review

If you've got an online presence already, but the business isn't exactly rolling in, I'll take a close look at your website and social media, and pinpoint areas that can be improved. I can also proof read and help you adjust things for clarity and effectiveness, and a user-friendly experience. 

Consultations are free. I will be honest if I don't think I'm a great fit for you, and I encourage you to be honest with me, too.
The businesses that are my absolute favorite to work with are...
~ Women owned, Black & POC owned, LGBTQ+ owned
~ Socially and environmentally conscious companies
~ Photographers
~Wedding Vendors
~ Creative entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, & artists

I work across many industries, but if I had a niche, I'd call it COZY. Think of things you'd buy for yourself with your birthday money or for a friend on a special occasion- services and products that bring joy and comfort to their patrons. To name a few: candles, plants, jewelry, books, tarot cards, stationary, arts & craft supplies, handmade goods and apothecary, massage therapists, yoga studios, estheticians, etc.

That being said, I've helped non-profits, a contractor, hair stylists, a professional organizer, an engineer working to create passive income, and more!

There are a million business mentors out there. How do we know that we are a good match?

Am I right for you?

(price increase 6/1/24)
Buy 3, get one free

Online or in-person (Lawrence)
A 90 minute meeting where we talk through everything and anything you need. Includes a follow up email & custom strategy pdf.

one-Time mentoring

Custom Quotes

$300 if booked with mentoring

Branding photos, product photos, lifestyle, process videos, staff headshots, and more! All the marketing material you need. After a consultation, I can provide a custom quote or let you know what is possible within your budget.

Headshots can be daunting, but my process is easy! Photos can be taken in my studio, your space, or somewhere around town. More information here.

Content Creation

$700 per month
3 month commitment 
$600 per month

Weekly meetings, and in between meetings, I am available by email or Marco Polo (non-live video chat) 9-5, Monday through Friday.

On-Going Mentoring

Packages & Custom Quotes Available 

Service Pricing


* Prices and services subject to change at any time. results aren't guaranteed, because there are endless uncontrollable factors as to why a business does well or not. however, I take really good care of my people. I care so much. Whatever the market brings, I'm here to help you pivot and navigate it.

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