PHOTOGRAPHER, Mentor, & picnic enthusiast

Leah Evans

Hey there!
I'm Leah. 

Welcome! I am so grateful that you've stopped by for a visit. I am a business mentor and photographer in Lawrence, Kansas, but I serve much of the midwest, including Topeka and the Kansas City Metro. I also mentor and take photos for brands and business internationally. 
When I'm not working with entrepreneurs, business professionals, and brands, you might find me photographing a family or a super fun, unique wedding. 
You can read more about me on this page. 
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What past clients are saying...

I swear, I have the best freakin clients ever!

Part pep talk, part reality check for creative entrepreneurs. 

scared of raising your prices?

How to make prepping for a family session easy (ish).

getting the family out the door

Boxes to check before you invest.


None of these links work yet, but it's gonna be real sweet when they do.

No matter who is taking your photo, I've got some practices to help you look back at your photos and see your true beauty!
Learn to look at yourself with compassion and confidence, and stop the insecurities from getting in the way of seeing just how magical and stunning you are.

How to LOVE the Way You Look in Photos!

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The ultimate guide to loving yourself in photos